Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Reunion

If anyone still reads this blog - I'd like to get some ideas for the reunion rolling. I think we'll mainly just want to hike, 4-wheel, etc. But I do have a few other ideas floating around. Please comment if you like or hate them. Add ideas if you like. I'd love for the cousins and in-laws to hear some Brown family stories - so any ideas for sharing them would be great. Here are my first few ideas: 1. Have a playlist of songs with memories, sentimental value. Humorous included. My end of the list is sure to be different than Betsy's - and we'll need ideas in between. I'm thinking Dad's Grand Canyon Suite, Styx for me & Steve, some John favorites, Heartbreak Hotel for Mom, etc. etc. (Smurf song for Steve & Sara?) We are the champions for Dave?? Please send ideas - or suffer with mine! 2. "Newly"wed game - Answer questions about your spouse. Dad came up with a few great questions, like "What's your favorite game meat" and gun/truck related questions. I'll take suggestions for that - the funnier the better. 3. Bring your tech to swap songs, since we always end up doing that anyway. 4. Nature scavenger hunt for kids. (Nath/Cara - any other ideas for kids?) Can't wait to see everyone! Love, Lea


Lea said...

Nathalee likes the scavenger hunt idea. Mom asked her to plan a Craig's Crest hike. She suggests horseshoes, volleyball net, fishing (short trips for kids). They're considering bringing bikes for kids (we'll have ours, too).

Lea said...

Mom says: Yes, there is running water and toilets at Eagle's Nest. She needs opinions: 3 or 4 nights? Should she book Sunday night?